Sunday, March 10, 2019

twin moves to charleston

Typing those words still feels surreal. My twin is moving to Charleston! Moving my life to the south at the beginning of 2018 was a risk, but an intuitive risk at that, and has turned out to be the best risk I have ever taken. At the end of each day I am so grateful to call this place my home, and all along I've known how badly twin has wanted this too. We both knew in our twin hearts that this separation was temporary, with she and her husband living back home, 1000 miles north. I can be brutally honest now and say that at times, I think we both told ourselves and each other that in order to get through. We were never actually certain what would happen next. But we stayed patient and focused, and when the time was right, invisible hands truly made this dream a reality. We believed. And now our final three week countdown begins until we are together again. 

Twin and Ben, you deserve 70 degree sunny days in January. You deserve all the hot little biscuits with fiery pimento cheese. You deserve neon southern sunsets that take your breath away. This is your dream come true now. 

Get to me.

Forever yours,