Tuesday, June 12, 2018

rainbow road

When most people think of rainbows in Charleston, that dreamy, colorful row of historic homes pops into their mind. I'm pretty happy to have discovered a "rainbow" that's a bit more.... under the radar ;)

Driving on Upper King towards one of my favorite local coffee shops (Harbinger, anyone?!) I saw the happiest crosswalk in the entire world. One of my friends who doesn't even live here had sent me a random photo of it once, and I immediately added it to my never ending list of Charleston to-do's. So when serendipity hit, you could only imagine my array of excitement. 

I am so thankful for all the beauty, color, and uniqueness this little city has to offer. I've said it before, but everyday I am discovering something new and more breathtaking than the day before (sometimes 2, 3...or 10 times a day). Having Nicole Mickle of N. Mickle Photography meet up to cross the candy-colored street with me was such a blast, especially wearing this stunning gold glitter dipped succulent Petaloso creation. Both of these local creatives inspire me endlessly, I feel like a better person when I am around them, and like I want to keep pushing my creative limits and career goals to mayyyybe be as cool as them one day :)

I hope you never stop throwing these magical discoveries my way, Charleston. 

-Golden Girl


  1. You’ll always be the my pot of gold :) I get so excited living though your magical Charleston adventures. They have made you more beautiful than ever twin <3

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