Monday, March 12, 2018

Southern Spring and a little self love

So. Much. Pink. Hello from sunny, warm, colorful Charleston. Typing that sentence still feels so surreal to me, as I do not take one day of this new and magical journey for granted. This is my life now? That's still setting in. Have there been moments or even days that I have questioned it all? Sure. Have I counted down the "sleeps" until I see twin again, and even booked an impromptu 48 hour trip with no plans but to hug her the whole time? Yes. But with that has come more of a reason than ever to look inward, and to focus on what matters most to me in this life.

I have uncovered so much in such a short amount of time, and feel I can allow myself (and it's okay!) to be who I am more than ever before. I am just skimming the surface, but I am a constant work in progress, and allowing myself to just "be me" relieves so much pressure along the way. Caring less what others think, and shifting my focus to what I think just feels like a much better use of my time and energy. 

With these new discoveries I know this blog will not be a regimented, scheduled platform. I will come to this space when I feel inspired and feel that I have something to say or share. I have started practicing this with my Instagram usage as well, and it has felt so freeing and wonderful. I used to feel the need to post all the time, but now I simply post for me (and twin) ;-)

Twin sent me a message last week that brought immediate happy tears to my eyes. It said, "I can't wait to make it big with you. Even if it's just in our own small way." I have been struggling a lot this past year with finding my purpose, my "why." It's becoming more and more clear that what we do in our lives needs to be for us and our own happiness. Our dream come true can truly be as little or as big as we choose, because only we can know the weight and intensity of our own dreams. Twin and I have some big/little dreams in the works, and we hope above all else we can inspire others to chase down what sets their hearts on fire, too. 

-Golden Girl

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